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Easy Digital Downloads Documentation
Documentation, Reference Materials, and Tutorials for Easy Digital Downloads

The Plugin Pages

Upon activation, Easy Digital Downloads automatically creates various pages that are necessary for a functional checkout flow. You can find these pages under Downloads > Settings > General

Checkout Page
The Checkout page contains the [download_checkout] shortcode and is where buyers will complete their purchases.

Success Page
The Success page (or Purchase Confirmation page) is where buyers will be sent after completing their purchases. This page requires the [edd_receipt] shortcode.

Failed Transaction
This page is where buyers are sent if their transaction is canceled or fails. By default, the Failed Transaction page is set as a child page under the Checkout page.

I can’t find one or more of my Plugin Pages; what do I do to get them back?
EDD allows you to create your own Checkout, Success, or Failed Transaction page and point to them in the settings. If you create your own pages, you will need to make sure they contain their relative shortcode(s) as noted above.

If you are using the default pages, but one or more are missing, first check your WordPress pages Trash to see if they were deleted. If this is the case, you can simply “restore” the page. If any of the pages were permanently deleted, you can simply re-create them.

Re-creating Default EDD Plugin pages:
For the Checkout page, add a new page in WordPress with the title: Checkout
Place the [download_checkout] shortcode in the body and publish the page.

For the Failed Transaction, add a new page in WordPress with the title: Transaction Failed
Set the parent page to Checkout.
The body should contain the following text: Your transaction failed, please try again or contact site support.

For the Success page, add a new page in WordPress with the title: Purchase Confirmation
Place the [edd_receipt] shortcode in the body and publish the page.

Be sure to set your EDD pages in the General Settings area.