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Why can’t a customer see their purchase history in their account?

If a customer cannot see their purchase history in their account, it may be due to one of the common reasons listed below:

1. The customer may have used a different email address to purchase

Check the customer’s purchase and the email associated with their user account. If the customer did use their registered email to purchase, ensure the email address is correct. You can find the email address the customer used in
Downloads → Payment History against their purchase, or in the Downloads → Customers screen.

2. The customer may have used a different user account to purchase

Check the customer’s user account against the purchase they made in
Downloads → Payment History by clicking View Order Details. Click View Customer Details to see more information on the customer’s user account.

3. Check that the customer’s purchase record is connected to their user account

To do this, locate their purchase record in
Downloads → Customers. You’ll then be able to see if there is a User ID assigned to the customer. If there is no user ID, you can connect one by clicking Edit Customer. Begin typing the customer’s username in the field that says “Enter username” and select the customer’s username. Click Update Customer to save the username against that customer.

To learn how to create a page that allows customers to view their purchase history, check out our doc on how to set up a
Customer Account Page.