Extensions for Easy Digital Downloads

Use extensions built specifically for EDD to customize the functionality of your online business.

All Access Pass

Gain access to all Easy Digital Downloads extensions with a single purchase.

Keep Add To Cart

Prevent Add To Cart button from changing into Checkout button when adding item to cart

Custom Deliverables

The Custom Deliverables extension for Easy Digital Downloads is perfect for freelancers, or anyone who needs to deliver custom files to their clients.

All Access

Allow your customers to download any product from your website using their All Access Pass.

Resend Receipt

Resend purchase receipts with no authentication.


Send an unlimited number of customizable, conditional and interactive notifications from EDD into Slack

Additional Shortcodes

Adds support for additional shortcodes to show or hide content based off certain conditions

EDD Message

Easily send unique messages directly to customers and vendors. Also allow vendors to message their own customers.

Add to Cart Popup

Displays a popup message with options after an item is added to the cart.


View real-time store stats with Geckboard


Subscribe your customers to forms and courses in ConvertKit


Easily add a credit and deposit system to your store

Git Download Updater

Serve download files from GitHub or BitBucket

License Free Download

Offer free downloads to valid license holders

Fraud Monitor

Protect your store against fraudulent purchases

Advanced Reports

Create advanced earnings and sales reports

Campaign Tracker

Tracks Google campaign data and associates EDD orders with campaign data.

Compare Products

Easily create product comparison tables and display them anywhere on your site.

Advanced Sequential Order Numbers

Advanced sequential order number options

Recently Viewed Items

Increase your sales by showing customers the items they've recently viewed


Integrate with Sendy, a self-hosted mailing list management system

EDD Download Images

Add and display extra download images to products.

EDD Featured Downloads

A plugin for Easy Digital Downloads so you can easily feature your downloads

Discounts Widget

Allow third-party sites to display your current discounts through a simple widget!

View more extensions built by talented developers from the EDD community.

3rd Party Extensions