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Subscribe customers to Mail Chimp Email lists during checkout.


Adds an option for users to sign up for your AWeber Email list during checkout.


Subscribe your customers to forms and courses in ConvertKit


Integrate EDD with over 400 web services through

Resend Receipt

Resend purchase receipts with no authentication.

EDD Message

Easily send unique messages directly to customers and vendors. Also allow vendors to message their own customers.

EDD Email Reports

Receive a comprehensive sales performance report once a day, delivered straight to your inbox.

Conditional Emails

Automatically send emails based on pre-defined conditions.


Integrate with Sendy, a self-hosted mailing list management system

EDD Disable Purchase Receipt

Disable all purchase receipt emails.

Download Email Attachments

Send download files as email attachments

Per Product Notifications

Send Purchase Notifications to Email recipients on a per product basis


Subscribers customers to MailPoet newsletter lists.

PDF Invoices

Gives access to downloadble PDF invoices for both admins and customers.


Subscribe customers to your GetResponse newsletter list


Includes ActiveCampaign integration in EDD.

Per Product Emails

Custom purchase confirmation emails for your products

Campaign Monitor

Add Campaign Monitor Email integration to EDD.

Mad Mimi

Adds an option for users to sign up for your Mad Mimi Email list during checkout.

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