Category: Marketing

Free Downloads

Adds better handling for free downloads


Subscribe customers to Mail Chimp Email lists during checkout.


Adds an option for users to sign up for your AWeber Email list during checkout.


Subscribe your customers to forms and courses in ConvertKit


Add Product Reviews for customer feedback.


Track sales commissions for additional vendors.


The best affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress and Easy Digital Downloads

Discounts Pro

Automatic discounts at checkout based on pre-defined conditions

Recommended Products

Show recommended products based on other customer purchases.

Acquisition Survey

Gather "how did you hear about us" information during checkout

Gravity Forms Checkout

Create powerful purchase forms for any product through Gravity Forms

Recently Viewed Items

Increase your sales by showing customers the items they've recently viewed

EDD Social Discounts

Give special discounts to buyers that share your products out to social networks.


Integrate with Sendy, a self-hosted mailing list management system

EDD – Coming Soon

Display custom text instead of the default prices for products.

External Products

Add external products to your EDD store.

EDD Purchase Rewards

Increase sales and build customer loyalty by rewarding customers

Discount Code Generator

Allows site admins to generate discount codes in bulk and then export them directly to CSV

Custom Prices

Allow user-defined pricing for products in EDD.

Purchase Limit

Limit the number of times and dates downloads can be purchased


Subscribers customers to MailPoet newsletter lists.


Subscribe customers to your GetResponse newsletter list


Includes ActiveCampaign integration in EDD.

Restrict Content Pro Member Discounts

Allow discounts for subscribers in the Restrict Content Pro plugin.

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3rd Party Extensions