Extensions for Easy Digital Downloads

Use extensions built specifically for EDD to customize the functionality of your online business.

All Access Pass

Gain access to all Easy Digital Downloads extensions with a single purchase.


Integrate EDD with over 400 web services through Zapier.com

Discounts Pro

Automatic discounts at checkout based on pre-defined conditions

File Store for Dropbox

Deliver your file downloads directly from Dropbox

EDD Xero

Integrate EDD with the Xero accounting software

Coinbase Payment Gateway

Accept bitcoin for purchases through Coinbase.com

Gravity Forms Checkout

Create powerful purchase forms for any product through Gravity Forms

EDD Wish Lists

Let customers save and share the products they love

Checkout Fields Manager

Create custom checkout with a simple drag and drop interface

Gateway Fees

Add fees based on the gateway used to make purchases.

Digital Marketplace Bundle

Bundle of extensions geared towards marketplaces

Upload File

Allows customers to upload files before or after completing an order

Discount Code Generator

Allows site admins to generate discount codes in bulk and them export them directly to CSV

Download Email Attachments

Send download files as email attachments

Per Product Emails

Custom purchase confirmation emails for your products

Conditional Success Redirects

Per-product confirmation pages on successful purchases.

EDD Cross-sell and Upsell

Increase sales and customer retention with cross-sells and upsells.

Variable Pricing Switcher

Allow variable prices to be switched on checkout page.

SOFORT Banking

Accept payments through SOFORT Banking

Duplicate Downloads

This plugin allows users to easily duplicate a download.

Purchase Limit

Limit the number of times and dates downloads can be purchased

Password Meter

Adds a password strength meter to the integrated signup form.

Coupon Importer

Import coupons via CSV in Easy Digital Downloads.

Per Product Notifications

Send Purchase Notifications to Email recipients on a per product basis

View more extensions built by talented developers from the EDD community.

3rd Party Extensions