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Today we are excited to introduce a more comprehensive set of purchase options. To complement our All Access Pass, three new “Pass” options are now available for extension purchases.

Late last year we introduced our first Pass with the All Access Pass, a simple way to access all Easy Digital Downloads extensions with one purchase. While it was very well received, we understand that it doesn’t fit everyone’s needs.

That’s why we are expanding our purchase options to include new Passes that group specific extensions together and make them available in a single purchase. Once a Pass is purchased, not only are you granted a single license key that can be used for updates and support for all included extensions, but you can also download the extensions instantly, whenever you need them (as long as your subscription is active), at no additional charge.

Let’s jump right into the details of each Pass.

Personal, Extended, Professional, and All Access

Note: the prices below have been updated per our second announcement.

We’ve spent a great deal of time designing each Pass to make sure it covers the needs of users at various levels of eCommerce. While some extensions are included in all Passes, others are reserved for a specific Pass (and higher).

Here’s a detailed breakdown of what each Pass includes.

Personal Pass

Description: The Personal Pass is designed to be an entry-level pricing option that covers the basic needs of any online store. With email marketing, streamlined distribution of free digital products, social media tools, and other extensions that help improve customer experience, the simplest stores will benefit from the Personal Pass.

Price: $99
Subscription: Billed yearly until cancelled
Site activations: 1 (single site)
Available upgrades: Extended Pass, Professional Pass, All Access Pass (all prorated)

Special inclusions:

  • Includes all email marketing extensions.

All included extensions: Personal Pass extensions
Full details: See Personal Pass

Extended Pass

Description: The Extended Pass is a great pricing option for those looking to create a more customer-focused online store. Packed with powerful extensions like Recurring Payments, All Access, Reviews, and every payment gateway we have to offer, the Extended Pass gives you what you need to attract and retain paying customers.

Price: $199
Subscription: Billed yearly until cancelled
Site activations: 1 (single site)
Available upgrades: Professional Pass, All Access Pass (all prorated)

Special inclusions:

  • Includes all Email Marketing extensions.
  • Includes all Payment Gateway extensions.

All included extensions: Extended Pass extensions
Full details: See Extended Pass

Professional Pass

Description: The Professional Pass is a true game-changer. All of our most popular (and highest valued) extensions are included, allowing you to create the most comprehensive eCommerce experience Easy Digital Downloads has to offer.

Frontend Submissions and Commissions combine to give you marketplace functionality, while Simple Shipping and Custom Deliverables expand your capabilities to physical and/or custom products. Let’s not forget Software Licensing, one of our most popular extensions, and much more.

Price: $299
Subscription: Billed yearly until cancelled
Site activations: 1 (single site)
Available upgrades: All Access Pass (prorated)

Special inclusions:

  • Includes all Email Marketing extensions.
  • Includes all Payment Gateway extensions.

All included extensions: Professional Pass extensions
Full details: See Professional Pass

All Access Pass (unchanged)

Description: The All Access Pass includes everything we have to offer, period. If we develop a new extension in the future, it will be available for All Access Pass holders. Furthermore, you may use the included extensions on any number of sites.

A unique detail about the All Access Pass is that if you have completed new purchases within the last 365 days, the total amount of your new purchases will automatically be discounted from the price should you choose upgrade to the All Access Pass. This discount is not available with other pricing options.

Price: $499
Subscription: Billed yearly until cancelled
Site activations: unlimited

Special inclusions:

  • Includes all Easy Digital Downloads extensions (including added extensions).

All included extensions: All Access Pass extensions
Full details: See All Access Pass

Your questions answered…

Let’s make sure a few important details are understood about the introduction of the above purchase options.

  • You may still use Easy Digital Downloads with no additional extensions.
  • You may continue to purchase extensions individually.
  • You are not required to purchase a Pass.
  • You may purchase a combination of a Pass and individual extension(s). However, extension substitutions are not allowed within Passes.
  • Currently, there is no upgrade option from individual extensions to a Pass (except for the All Access Pass, which already has an upgrade option for qualifying customers).

We assure you that these new Passes will not complicate the current purchase process.

Simply put, you have new options, not new requirements.

Additional details

Like the All Access Pass, purchasing one of the new Passes generates a master license key that can be used for all extensions included in the Pass.

At any time, you may upgrade your active Pass subscription to a higher Pass at a prorated cost. The upgrade will instantly grant you access to the extensions included in your new Pass while maintaining the same master license key.

Same as before, you may request a refund for all purchases except for the All Access Pass, for our protection. That means the new Passes are refundable.

Lastly, there is nothing wrong with purchasing individual extensions, or purchasing a combination of a Pass and individual extensions. If it makes sense for your business, you are free to combine the purchase options without restriction.

If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment below. If the new pricing options interest you, visit the pricing page now!

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  1. Sean Davis

    This is fantastic! I’ve had my eyes on the simplicity of the All Access Pass, but it’s price was too much for me with a bunch of things I didn’t need.

    1. Sean Davis
  2. Sean Davis

    Possible to downgrade? We purchased the All Access last year but we don’t use most of the extensions.

    1. Sean Davis

      Hi Raj!

      Shoot us an email from our support page and we’ll be happy to work with you to see what the best option is for your needs.

  3. Sean Davis

    +1 for a single license key. Nice.

    “Currently, there is no upgrade option from individual extensions to a Pass (except for the All Access Pass, which already has an upgrade option for qualifying customers).”

    Will there be an option at some point? The individual extensions I use are all included with the Pro Pass. It’d be nice to deal with just one subscription and license key.

    1. Sean Davis

      We hope to introduce a simple upgrade option at some point but there are a few complex issues that make it challenging, though definitely doable!

      For now, please go ahead and send an email to the support team and we’ll set it up or you.

  4. Sean Davis

    Love the packages – and yes, I REALLY want the option to convert all my individual licenses to one single Pass (other than the All Access Pass)

    1. Sean Davis
  5. Sean Davis

    These “Passes” will definitely be very helpful for a lot of people.

    How about a Pass that allows the user to mix and match extensions according to their own specific needs. There´s different ways you can go about it, for the sake of example you could configure it in a way that the user can pick up say 2 super duper premium type of extensions (those that cost $199 for instance), another 2 from the good ones (the $89 mark) and maybe 1 or 2 from the basic ones.

    I don´t know, just thinking out loud. There could be different possibilities. If you make this option available somehow (or at least some version of it) I´m sure a lot of us will jump over it.

    1. Sean Davis

      Appreciate the feedback!

      We have actually worked hard to move away from “pick and choose” models because, even though they are very flexible, they complicate the process for customers a lot. What we have found to work much better is to give fewer and simpler methods to access extensions in such a way that store owners can get them all with a single purchase and then only use the ones they need. The premise of the “passes” is to make the decision of what to buy simple: there’s just four options. After the purchase is complete, then store owners can download some or all of the extensions based on their individual needs.

      When too many choices are put in front of a person, it’s far easily to not make any decision at all. This is commonly referred to as the “tyranny of choice”.

  6. Sean Davis

    Nice packages.
    I need to review them to see which one is for me.
    One suggestion:
    Why do not make the packs for 2 websites?
    I am having a lot of issues to make this work with staging sites, which is the way to go for updates.
    I always need to download manually, update manually on staging for testing and then repeat, this time with the update button on my live site.
    Adding a solution for staging (maybe one main domain with 1-2 subdomains? )
    would make sense for this “professional” packages.


    1. Sean Davis
  7. Sean Davis

    I have to be the odd one out, but looking at the packages (particularily the Extended option so I can get the Software Licensing), there are a lot of plugin addons that I do not need. I did the math and now the costs of using EDD with addons are much higher with pricing, even getting items individually as the only other choice.

    I remember the option we had before with a starter package with 30% savings when creating your own package. With that, we were able to pick and choose what we wanted and was far better and more flexible so that we can control the costs we invest in sites.

    Now it’s like buying cars; if you want air conditioning, you are forced to get an upgrade package with a whole bunch of things that you don’t want and still have to pay for. After doing some quick research, using EDD has become the most costly plugin source in the WordPress realm and is getting more each year.

    I can understand the time and costs of keeping things updated and support can be costly, but your pricing is making it more difficult for people who want to start up sites and don’t have deep pockets. As mentioned, EDD plugins have become the most costly source compared to all other premium plugin products on the market.

    1. Sean Davis

      Hi Georgina,

      Thank you for your feedback! While we’re never thrilled to hear that our changes are unwelcome, we certainly do appreciate you sharing your honest opinions.

      Could you give me an example of the specific plugins you’re looking at so I can see exactly how the different options stack up for you?

      1. Sean Davis

        hello and thank you for the comment follow up Pippin….didn’t know there was one due to no notification.

        With regards to your question, when you had the Starter Package option, I had originally (if I remember right), was the Software Licensing, Content Restriction, MailChimp, Acquisition Survey, Invoice, Manual Purchase, PayPal Standard. I think that was it; there might have been one more because I remember the first category we had to choose 2; might have been the social discount one.

        These were the ones we had on paper when we did a preliminary starter package to see what it was going to cost (with the 30% discount that was applied).

        On a side note, a lot of these plugin addons are part of the RCP plugin option, and only for $99 US; with the exception to the Software Licensing as this is not usable with RCP. Is the RCP also going to up in price too at some point? The key plugin of course is the Software Licensing. The Acquisition Survey, and MailChimp, and the social discount options are not really critical, but with the starter package, there was a mininum to select.

        The thing is, even with the Starter Package you once had, it allowed users to select (for the most part) the addons they needed for their particular site as not all sites are the same and do not require the full list of plugins your “now” Passes include. Having the flexibility to choose what one needs and nothing else was far better.

        1. Sean Davis

          Thank you again for your feedback.

          RCP’s prices are not anticipated to change anytime in the near future.

  8. Sean Davis
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