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How WPConfigurator Uses Easy Digital Downloads to Grow Revenue Through Licensing & Efficiency

In the world of eCommerce, businesses selling digital products face unique challenges. Streamlining the sales process, ensuring secure distribution of products, and fostering a positive customer experience are all crucial for success.

This case study explores how CEO and product configurator specialist Josu Sanz Uniz used Easy Digital Downloads to address these challenges and achieve remarkable results for WPConfigurator—the leading provider of product configurator solutions for WordPress.

Meet WPConfigurator

The WP Configurator logo.

WPConfigurator is a user-friendly plugin for WordPress renowned for being the most intuitive product configurator available on the market. The innovative solution allows customers to customize products to their liking directly within WordPress easily.

WPConfigurator empowers businesses across various sectors—including electronics, fashion, and personalized gifts—by providing a platform where users can see their customizations take shape in real time. It enhances the user experience, as well as aids businesses in boosting engagement and sales through its interactive approach to product personalization.

Main Challenges & Goals

When choosing a WordPress-based eCommerce platform, WPConfigurator CEO Josu Sanz Uriz said the primary goals were to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of online sales for digital products and licenses.

WPConfigurator sought a user-friendly solution to streamline its sales process, ensure secure license management, and deliver a seamless customer experience.

How EDD Supercharged Sales & Satisfaction

As the best digital eCommerce plugin for WordPress, Easy Digital Downloads emerged as the perfect solution for WPConfigurators’ needs.

The Easy Digital Downlaods WordPress plugin website.

“What attracted us to EDD was its robust license management system, which allows for seamless activation and deactivation of licenses—a critical feature for our business model where control over digital content distribution is paramount,” Uriz explained.

EDD’s features and add-ons helped WPConfigurator address a handful of key challenges and reap significant benefits, such as the following.

Enhanced Customer Experience & Engagement

Easy Digital Downloads’ user-friendly purchase system simplifies the buying process for customers, ensuring users can easily purchase licenses with minimal friction.

This translates to increased sales and fosters customer satisfaction and loyalty. EDD offers features and tools that save both WPConfigurator and its customers time, such as Auto Register which enables customers to create user accounts during purchase automatically.

Robust License Management

For WPConfigurator, maintaining control over digital product distribution was paramount. EDD’s powerful license management system delivers complete control.

With features like seamless license activation and deactivation, WPConfigurator can ensure that only authorized users have access to their products, protecting their intellectual property.

Intuitive Backend Management

Managing an online store requires constant monitoring and oversight. EDD’s user-friendly, intuitive design and backend functionality make it easy for WPConfigurator to manage and oversee its entire operation from a single, cohesive, easy-to-navigate environment.

From adding new products and managing inventory to tracking sales data and customer information, EDD provides a centralized hub for efficient store management.

WPConfigurator revenue growth and sales from Easy Digital Downloads

EDD + WPConfigurator: Key Results & Impact

Since implementing Easy Digital Downloads, WPConfigurator has witnessed significant growth and impressive results, including:

  • Over 4,537 licenses sold
  • Nearly $280,000 in generated revenue 
  • Consistently maintained sales pace of approximately 100 licenses per month

The impact goes beyond just sales figures.

The streamlined purchase process facilitated by EDD has demonstrably improved customer satisfaction. Customers can now effortlessly purchase licenses and access their products, leading to a more positive overall shopping experience.

WPConfigurator has also experienced enhanced operational efficiency as EDD’s user-friendly interface has simplified store management. 

“Our choice of EDD was driven by our need to increase online sales while ensuring a smooth operation and superior management of digital product licenses,” explained Uniz. “EDD has proven to be the best system for achieving these objectives on the WordPress platform.”

WPConfigurator Winning Strategies & Tips

There are various strategies and tools WPConfigurator highlights and attributes to their success with EDD. For instance, prioritizing the customer experience with a user-friendly purchase process and embracing secure digital product and license distribution.

Below are a few additional tactics, tips, and insights from WPConfigurator that “could help other EDD users shorten their learning curve and achieve better results with their digital stores.”

1. Implement a strong SEO strategy

Regarding WPConfigurator’s experience with Easy Digital Downloads, Uniz said that focusing on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and optimizing their website for search engines has been one of the most impactful strategies.

It’s significantly reduced their dependence on paid advertising and generated organic traffic and a steady stream of qualified leads, ultimately boosting sales.

2. Invest in EDD Pro add-ons

Another strategy that has been crucial to WPConfigurator’s success is investing in premium EDD extensions, which enhance the functionality and efficiency of stores.

WPConfigurator uses EDD extensions that provide features that aren’t available in the standard lite version, such as:

“The added capabilities help us tailor the customer experience and streamline operations, which in turn boosts our sales and customer satisfaction,” Uniz explained.

🔎 Learn more about EDD Free vs Pro

3. Automate license renewal reminders

Customer retention is crucial for recurring revenue generation. WPConfigurator leverages the power of EDD’s email system to send automated license renewal reminders at strategic intervals—specifically 1 month, 15 days, 10 days, 5 days, 2 days, and 1 day before a license expires.

This proactive approach ensures that customers are informed about expiring licenses and encourages timely renewals, resulting in a stable revenue stream.

Replicate WPConfigurator’s Growth With EDD

WPConfigurator’s experience serves as a blueprint for businesses selling digital products online. It demonstrates how Easy Digital Downloads can empower businesses to streamline sales, manage digital products effectively, and enhance customer experience.

To learn more about WPConfigurator, feel free to visit their website at

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