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WP Push Launches on Easy Digital Downloads

WP Push is a set of WordPress plugins that integrate with to deliver push notifications to your iOS and Android devices. The new site for marketing the Pushover extensions has just launched and is proudly powered by Easy Digital Downloads. Chris Klosowski, the developer and owner, was kind enough to answer some questions for us about his experience using EDD.

1. What about Easy Digitial Downloads made you choose it as a platform to sell your plugin?

The wide range of extensions available was my first choice. The 2nd was the open community of developers that has been built around EDD.

2. Are there features in Easy Digitial Downloads that you find indispensable?

The short codes for purchase buttons, while a small feature, is a great implementation It allows me to add purchase paths in custom places, and he discount code options are flexible and extremely customizable.

3. How was your experience setting up and configuring Easy Digitial Downloads for your site?

For a full customization it took a little longer than one would expect, but out of the box, EDD was functional. I think using a setup tutorial or something guiding through the basic areas to configure would be nice (maybe with the pointer).

4. Are you using any Easy Digitial Downloads extensions? If so, which ones?

I am currently using Software Licensing as well as Pushover Notifications.

5. What’s a feature you wish Easy Digitial Downloads had but doesn’t?

I wish EDD had the ability to create ratings as well as the microdata that goes along with it. This would allow search results of the products in Google to show their rating.

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