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Themedd – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a demo of Themedd?

We sure do! To view a demo of Themedd, visit our fictional eBook website, Success Stories.

Could I run a marketplace with Themedd?

Yes, Themedd works perfectly with  Frontend Submissions.

Why do some EDD extensions now look different?

Themes were designed to change how your website looks. In some instances, Themedd provides custom styling for some EDD extensions to provide an enhanced user experience.

Does Themedd support the Digital Marketplace Bundle?

Yes, all extensions in the Digital Marketplace Bundle will look great with Themedd.

Note: the Digital Marketplace Bundle has been discontinued and replaced with Passes. See Pricing for more information.

Can I use a page builder plugin with Themedd?

Yes, there shouldn’t be any issues with using a page builder plugin with Themedd.

Can I make custom changes to Themedd?

Absolutely! The best way to do this is from a child theme.

Can I contribute to Themedd?

Yes you can! Themedd is open source so you can contribute via GitHub.