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EDD Social Discounts

Give special discounts to buyers that share your products out to social networks.

iOS App

Quickly view sales stats, earnings, products, customers, subscriptions, and more from your iOS device.


Accept credit cards in EDD using Braintree Payments.

EDD Wish Lists

Let customers save and share the products they love

Custom Prices

Allow user-defined pricing for products in EDD.

PDF Invoices

Gives access to downloadble PDF invoices for both admins and customers.

Content Restriction

Restrict content on your site to customers who have made purchases.

Pushover Notifications for Easy Digital Downloads

Add Push Notifications for sales to iPhone and Android devices.

User History

Track a user's path on your site before completing purchases.

Per Product Emails

Custom purchase confirmation emails for your products

Conditional Success Redirects

Per-product confirmation pages on successful purchases.

Simple Shipping

Add support for shipping simple physical products

EDD Cross-sell and Upsell

Increase sales and customer retention with cross-sells and upsells.

Widgets Pack

A bundle of 8 custom widgets specifically for Easy Digital Downloads.

View more extensions built by talented developers from the EDD community.

3rd Party Extensions