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Easy Digital Downloads Version 1.1.2 Released

Another minor point release has just been pushed out. This update fixes a couple of noticeable bugs (and one semi major one) and also brings a couple of nice new minor features.

The short code now accepts an optional “class” parameter that you can use to append additional classes to the purchase link. This is great for users that are customizing the CSS of the purchase button.

There is now an Export to CSV option at the top of the Payment History page that will let you export all recorded payments to a .csv file. This feature was added thanks to MadeByMike.

The complete change log can be seen below:

  • Fixed a bug with the ajax function that adds items to the cart – it did not show the price option name until page was refreshed
  • Fixed a bug in the purchase receipt that caused it to include all source file links, not just the ones set to the price option purchase
  • Added a new “class” parameter to the [purchas_link} short code
  • Moved the discount code fieldset inside of the user info fieldset on the checkout form
  • Added a legend to the user info fieldset
  • Improved the markup of the default CC fields
  • Added new edd_is_checkout() conditional function
  • Updated Spanish language files
  • Added new payment export system, thanks to MadeByMike

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Pippin Williamson

About Pippin Williamson

Pippin Williamson is the founder of Sandhills Development, the parent company for Easy Digital Downloads, AffiliateWP, WP Simple Pay, Sugar Calendar, and others. When not writing PHP, he can often be found sipping coffee or brewing beer at Sandhills Brewing.


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