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From everyone here at Easy Digital Downloads, we are thrilled to announce that version 2.3 has been released to the world!

2.3 includes several notable new features and a significant number of important improvements. Let’s have a look at the highlights.

Customer Management

The focus for 2.3 was on moving your important customer data to the forefront by introducing a brand new customer management interface.

With the improved customer management UI, accessing the ever important customer data is now clean, simple, and intuitive. Along with the improved interfaces, we have also introduced new APIs for developers that make it exceptionally simple to interact with customer data behind the scenes.

File Download URLs

The file download URL mechanism used by EDD has been significantly improved and is now more secure, more reliable, and more performant. We have introduced signed URLs that include secure tokens and expiration dates to ensure your files remain secure. This change significantly reduces the likelihood of malicious individuals being able to successfully tamper with download URLs.

By moving our download system over to signed URLs, we have also reduced the length and complexity of download URLs.

New format:


Old format:


Improved Stat Tracking

Statistics are important. In fact, they’re one of the most important aspects of your e-Commerce store. We have always strived to provide adequate reporting for sales and earnings stats, and for version 2.3, we have made a few significant improvements.

When adding or removing Download products on an existing payment record, the earnings and sales for the affected products are now properly updated when the payment record is saved. For example, if you add a new product to a payment, the sales and earnings of that payment will be incremented. Likewise, if you remove a product from a payment because you refunded part of the purchase, the sales and earnings of the product will be decremented.

We have also made significant improvements related to performance of reports in several areas:

  • Tax reports are now much more efficient
  • A race condition related to the update process for Download earnings / sales has been resolved
  • Individual customer stats are now much more performant
  • The Sales / Earnings widget on the Dashboard now loads via Ajax to improve the first-load performance

Other Improvements

  • Download products can now be added to the cart with multiple price IDs at one time
  • Better support for the Polylang plugin has been added
  • PayPal Buy Now buttons no longer create pending payment records on each click
  • A new {ip_address} email tag has been added
  • Numerous new action hooks and filters have been added for developers
  • Numerous translation files have been added and several new languages as well
  • The display of items in the cart widget has been improved to properly show quantities
  • A large number of minor PHP issues have been resolved

The complete list of files changed can be see on GitHub. The full list of bugs and improvements made can also be seen on GitHub.

Version 2.3 can be installed from your WordPress Updates page and/or downloaded directly from

Using WordPress and want to get Easy Digital Downloads for free?

Enter the URL to your WordPress website to install.


  1. Pippin Williamson

    Terrific job, Pippin. Congratulations, the new new customer management interface is pretty slick, I’m going to test it on my stage site right now! If I find any issues, I’ll inform you.

    Again, kudos to you and all EDD’s team, Pippin!

  2. Pippin Williamson
  3. Pippin Williamson
    1. Pippin Williamson

      Into another EDD site?

      For 2.3, we have not changed any export or import capabilities, sorry.

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  8. Pippin Williamson

    A problem is outbreak.
    I had you tell [Paypal Digital Goods Payment Gateway for Easy Digital Downloads] of the plug in corresponding to paypalexpress in Japan from you just the other day.
    When a problem did not occur by the paypal settlement until this morning, but, after update to this EDD2.3, is going to use the paypal settlement,

    “Calling PayPal with action SetExpressCheckout has Failed:” The totals of the cart item amounts do not match order amounts.

    error message was displayed, and processing did not conclude.

    Fortunately, I was good, and processing came to be done when I returned it to EDD2.28 of the former version because I took the backup.

    It is saved if possible when I solve the problem.

      1. Pippin Williamson

        You’re right.
        I did not know it whether it was a problem of the plug in side whether it was the problem of the main body of EDD, but was solved when I returned it to EDD2.28.

        And it is a question in something else one more.

        I am going to make the downloading sale site of the photograph.

        Therefore it is a question
        One page (1 product)
        Small size 150KB
        Medium size 2MB
        Large size 3MB
        I have a visitor choose one one and am going to compose around 5,000 pages of specifications to download it, and to sell without compressing Jpg file in Zip.

        Will there be unreasonableness?

        I took advantage of it and asked you a question.
        I’m sorry, I wait for an answer.

        1. Pippin Williamson

          Could you go ahead and open that as a ticket in the support forums so the support staff can assist you? Thanks!

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  10. Pippin Williamson

    hmmm my products on the frontpage just got crazy after updating 🙁

    I am using the “marketify home: recent downloads” widget, and now all the products is alligned vertically.

    Do you know how i can fix this ?

    1. Pippin Williamson
      1. Pippin Williamson
        1. Pippin Williamson
  11. Pippin Williamson
    1. Pippin Williamson
      1. Pippin Williamson
        1. Pippin Williamson

          Can you please go ahead and open a support ticket and post all necessary details there to help us track it down for you?

  12. Pippin Williamson

    I just ran P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) and after pulling just about all of the unnecessary plugins off the website and leaving the new version of EDD and the Quota theme, the P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) report is showing EDD and the Quota theme pushing the website into 3.5+ second load times, and longer, grinding the website to a slow crawl. Thoughts? Advice?

    1. Pippin Williamson
  13. Pippin Williamson

    If I am in the middle of a campaign for the Charity theme, will updating cause any issues with money we have received already? Thanks!

    1. Pippin Williamson
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  15. Pippin Williamson

    The customer UI is way better than what is available on woocommerce. I really love it, it’s clean and efficient. Congrats!

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