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All Access – FAQs and Troubleshooting

This document goes over some of the frequently asked questions and troubleshooting tips for the EDD All Access extension for Easy Digital Downloads.

FAQ and Troubleshooting:

When do All Access Pass periods begin and end?
By default, All Access Passes begin at the exact second when they are purchased. If a customer purchases an All Access Pass at 5:01PM, their pass officially starts right then. By default, they expire at 5:01PM as well at the end of the period. For example, if the period is 1 day, their pass will expire at 5:01PM the day after they purchase.

If an All Access Pass is renewed (re-purchased) prior to the expiration, the next All Access period will begin immediately when the current one expires.

Can I prevent specific products from being downloaded through All Access Passes?
Yes. To exclude any product from being downloaded though All Access Passes, edit the product in question and check the “Exclude from All Access” button.

Will price variations be hidden for customers with an All Access Pass?
No – they will not be hidden. To clarify, this question relates to products with price variations (like “Small”, “Medium”, and “Large” for example). If a customer purchases an All Access Pass, even though they have access to the “Large” version, the “Small” and “Medium” products will still display and can be downloaded by the customer. This is because price variations could be delivering different products. For example, a photo site might sell a “Small”, “Medium”, and “Large” version of a photo. A customer with an All Access Pass will be able to download all of the different sizes. Smaller sizes will not be hidden. You will want to structure your products accordingly.

All Access not working for a customer:
If you have aggressive object caching on (like “memcached”), it could be preventing your plugin from properly fetching new All Access-enabled products. Try turning off object caching and confirming by making a new All Access product and test purchasing it. At that point, you may need to run the “Backfill All Access Pass data” tool located under Downloads → Tools

If you aren’t sure how to turn off memcached or other object caching mechanisms, contact your hosting provider as they are the ones who will have that turned on for your account. They can help you clear the cache or disable it.

Do customers need to be logged in to purchase?
Yes. In order to use an All Access Pass, the customer must be logged-in. If your store does not require logins/registration at checkout, your customer will see this message: “You must be logged in to purchase”. To fix that, turn on the registration/login forms on checkout by navigating to Downloads → Settings → Misc → Checkout.

If you don’t wish to enable that on your checkout page, you could also use the free Auto Register extension for Easy Digital Downloads which will automatically create a user account for every customer who purchases from your store.

Can I create a page of products that only displays products the customer has access to through their All Access Pass?
Yes. It is very simple by changing the way you use the [downloads] shortcode. See this document for a complete guide on making your own custom page of products the customer can download using their All Access Pass.

What happens if a customer renews their All Access Pass early but then decides to upgrade before the All Access Period expires?
In this very specific and (typically) rare scenario, the customer will not get anything in return for their yet-to-be-used renewal payments. While those early renewal payments would have taken over if they had not upgraded, when they upgraded, the prior, “upgraded” All Access Pass acts as if it had never been purchased. Those early renewal payments will not affect the upgraded-to All Access Pass in any way. Depending on your store’s policies, you will likely want to refund any unused renewal payments to your customer after they upgrade.

Note: True “upgrading” requires the Software Licensing extension and the use of its upgrade path system.

What happens if a customer renews early but then asks for a refund of just a renewal payment before the initial period expires?
Refunded renewal payment will not renew an All Access period when it expires. Only “completed” and valid renewal payments will be used to renew an All Access period. If any valid renewal payments exist, the oldest renewal payment will be used to renew the All Access period when it expires.

How can I move from Restrict Content Pro to All Access?
If you are using the Restrict Content Pro (RCP) plugin and want to switch to using EDD All Access instead, you can migrate your old RCP customers in a single click. All Access includes a migration tool that allows you to “map” your old RCP products to new All Access products. Any of your old customers will automatically get that All Access product and the dates of their purchase will line up so that their expiration times remain exactly the same. You can find this under Downloads > Tools > Migrate RCP Members to All Access Members

Is it possible to ONLY allow customers to purchase All Access?
Yes. If your store has many downloads in EDD but you only want customers to purchase an All Access pass, navigate to Downloads > Settings > Extensions > All Access and set the option called “Change the way purchase buttons are displayed” to Option 2. You can see more about this in this document.