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Download Failed: Unauthorized

Download Failed: Unauthorized

1. Expired License

This is happening either because the license key is expired or it is not activated on the URL the extension is installed on. This can sometimes happen if you install the plugin and activate the license key on a temporary URL and then update the site to the final URL.

To resolve the problem,
log into your account, click on the License Keys tab, then click on the Manage Sites link for the license key. From that page you will be able to add or remove URLs for the license. Once the proper URL is registered on the license key, you will be able to install the update.
If your license key is expired, you will need to renew it before you can install the update. The status of your license key will be shown on the License Keys tab of your account page.
Here are some excellent docs on how to renew your license key:

Once your license is up to date automatic updates should resume without issue.

Download failed. Too many redirects and/or Download failed. Unauthorized

If you (or a customer) see this when attempting to update a plugin, confirm there is a file selected in for ‘Update File’ in the Licensing metabox in the product settings.

Example of error: “An error occurred while updating : Download failed. Too many redirects”

See Too many redirects on a download for more details on this error.