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Easy Digital Downloads Documentation
Documentation, Reference Materials, and Tutorials for Easy Digital Downloads

Shortcodes Overview

Easy Digital Downloads includes numerous shortcodes that can be used for displaying various parts of the plugin, such as the checkout screen, purchase buttons, registration and login forms, and more.

  • [downloads] – shows a list or grid of downloadable products
  • [download_history] – shows a list of all products the current user has purchased, including download links.
  • [purchase_history] – shows a complete purchase history for the current user, including download links
  • [download_checkout] – shows the checkout form.
  • [purchase_link] – displays a purchase button for the specified download ID
  • [purchase_collection] – allows you to make a unique category-based collection of products to be sold as a package
  • [download_cart] – shows a shopping cart on any page or text widget.
  • [edd_profile_editor] – shows a profile editor for logged-in customers.
  • [edd_login] – shows a login form
  • [edd_register] – shows a general account registration form
  • [edd_receipt]
  • [download_discounts]
  • Additional Shortcodes
  • Extensions