Extension Pricing Changes

On January 1st, 2013, Easy Digital Downloads is changing its extension pricing scheme just slightly. This change will help to clarify license terms and to also better compensate the many different developers that have put time into building the extensions that make Easy Digital Downloads awesome. Instead of just having one price option, each extension will have three prices options, one price for each type of license. The license types will be Single Site, 2-5 Sites, and Unlimited Sites (developer’s license).

All existing purchases will be considered as unlimited, meaning that we will not ask you to purchase any extension again if you wish to continue using it on multiple sites.

This pricing change only affects new purchases.

How will it work? Simple, you will be given an option to choose which license type you wish to purchase:

  • Single Site – for use on one site
  • 2-5 Sites – for use on up to five sites
  • Unlimited – for use on any number of sites

What will the actual prices be? Each extension’s price is set depending on what the extension does, but an extension that is currently $49 will have the following prices:

  • Single Site – $49
  • 2-5 Sites – $82
  • Unlimited – $123

Any questions or concerns? Let us know in the comments!



So are you saying if I purchase the single site, I can only install on one site or I just get support for one site?


Ah, good point of clarification.

Because the code is GPL we cannot actually restrict you from installing on multiple sites (though we ask you to follow the single-site install request), so it is single site support.

Single site purchase = support for one site.
Unlimited site purchase – unlimited support.

Make sense?

Sami Keijonen

This is interesting and logical move. Does it also mean that I get automatic updates only for one site if I pick lowest price?

Sami Keijonen

Is it controlled by Software Licensing Plugin or add-on for that?


It’s controlled by Software Licensing with some custom implementations that I’m rolling out. Once they’re finished, I’ll be adding them as an official update to the extension.


Good call, it’s important to keep developers compensated as supporting and developing projects like these can be quite an undertaking. You should know Pippin, you’re amazing at both.


Thanks for the feedback and kind words!


What if I buy my extensions before january 1 2013, will such an extension still be for unlimited usage after jan 1? o

Hence Wijaya

Does automatic update valid for 1 year (subscription)?


Yes, updates are for one year.


Do the new extension prices for unlimited sites apply for “Bundles”? Like for the Extensions Bundle – Stripe Edition, I do not see the same break down in the purchase section for: Single Site – $??.??; 2 – 5 Sites – $??.??; Unlimited – $??.??. What are our options if we want to purchase the Bundle for Unlimited Sites?


Extension bundles are single site only. We will be dramatically improving the bundle options soon and then we will add the tiered pricing system.

Crystal Silver

Confused. Could you point me to the URL where it was stated that pre-2013 purchases would expire at one year?



Licenses have always been limited to a year. Pre-2013, however, licenses were all for unlimited sites, instead of limited to a certain number of sites.


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