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Recurring Payments

How to Create a First Order Discount in WordPress
How to Create a First Order Discount in WordPress (3 Steps)

Do you want to learn how to create a first order discount in WordPress? One way to boost sales is to offer an incentive to new visitors to make a purchase. And who doesn’t love a good discount? Giving first time shoppers a percentage off their first order can help encourage repeat business and drive

How to Create Recurring Renewal Discounts in WordPress
How to Create Recurring Renewal Discounts in WordPress

Do you want to learn how to create recurring renewal discounts in WordPress? Recurring renewal discounts can benefit both you and your customers. You can reward loyal customers while also keeping them engaged and increasing their overall lifetime value. Recurring renewal discounts give new customers an incentive to stay with you. Plus, with the right

How to Export Subscription Orders to CSV in WordPress
How to Export Subscription Orders to CSV in WordPress

Are you trying to figure out how to export subscription orders to CSV in WordPress? Comma Separated Values (CSV) is a popular file format for organizing and managing data. If you sell subscriptions on your eCommerce site, exporting your orders into CSV files can help streamline your reporting. Fortunately, Easy Digital Downloads makes it easy.

5 Best WordPress Invoice Plugins (Compared)
5 Best WordPress Invoice Plugins (Compared)

Are you looking for the best WordPress invoice plugins? As an eCommerce business owner, it’s important to keep track of your customers’ orders and payments. An invoice plugin can help you do that. With the right tool, you’ll be able to automatically generate and manage invoices directly from your WordPress site. By streamlining your payment

New Recurring Payments Discount & Subscription Improvements
New! Discount & Subscription Improvements for Recurring Payments

Do you want a tool that helps you generate recurring income and automate your billing? For many, that solution is the Easy Digital Downloads Recurring Payments extension. And we have some exciting news about it…  🎉 Today, we‘re happy to announce Recurring Payments version 2.11.8! This release makes creating and managing discount codes and selling

The Recurring Payments logo.
Free trial support added to Recurring Payments

We have been putting a lot of work and focus into our Recurring Payments plugin and today we’re excited to announce the next set of improvements. With the release of version 2.6 of Recurring Payments, subscription signups with free trials are now fully supported.

The Recurring Payments logo.
Introducing an even better Recurring Payments

Recurring Payments is one of our most widely used extensions, for good reasons, and has been the focus of a significant amount of our development time in the last 12 months. In February, 2016, we announced the first release of the new Recurring Payments plugin; today we’re excited to announce yet another release with another set of sweeping improvements.

The Recurring Payments logo.
The new Recurring Payments extension

Three years ago, soon after the very first version of Easy Digital Downloads launched, we released our Recurring Payments extension. The extension quickly became one of the most popular and widely used of all the extensions in our catalogue. Today, I am excited to announce that the new Recurring Payments is here. And it’s awesome.

The Recurring Payments EDD extension.
A Preview of Recurring Payments 2.4

Recurring Payments has been a staple in our extensions catalogue since it was released almost exactly three years ago. When first released, it provided some of the basic and necessary functions for processing recurring subscriptions through Easy Digital Downloads. It was not, however, without its limitations and shortcomings. We would like to show you a preview of the next version of the Recurring Payments extension that is the result of reevaluating the platform from the ground up and building the plugin how we wished it had been built from the beginning.

Recurring Payments updated with support for signup fees

The Recurring Payments extension is one of our most popular extensions, and today I’m thrilled to announce that it has had a highly requested feature introduced in version 1.1: signup fees. A lot of users have wanted the ability to charge their subscribers an extra signup fee for the first period, such as $30 for

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