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Organic Themes is a very well known and reputable WordPress theme shop. They have just recently launched version 4 of their site and I’m thrilled to announce that they have converted their store to run off of Easy Digital Downloads.

When Easy Digital Downloads was first created, the primary goal of the plugin was to make it easier for WordPress theme and plugin shops to sell their products, so getting such a large and  respected theme shop on board with the plugin is great. Organic Themes is helping to demonstrate just what Easy Digital Downloads can do and, for site owners, just how easy it makes it to sell digital products.

David Morgan, Co-Founder/President of Organic Themes, was kind enough to take time out of his day to answer some questions about their usage of Easy Digital Downloads.

Why did you decide to use Easy Digital Downloads for Organic Themes?

Easy Digital Downloads offered the perfect amount of options and capabilities for our needs. Most of the other solutions were bloated with unnecessary features for our purposes.

What system were you using before switching to Easy Digital Downloads?

e-Junkie, which seemed to be a standard 4 years ago. Unfortunately, it hasn’t changed at all in the past 4 years, and it has become a clunky, old system to work with.

Are you using any extensions for EDD? If so, which ones?

Yes. We love the growing number of extensions for EDD. We are currently using the Affiliates Pro, Amazon S3, Email Templates, Mail Chimp, Manual Purchases (a must when transitioning customers), Stripe, Zendesk, User History and the EDD Versions extensions.

Any advice or guidance you’d give someone considering making the switch to EDD?

I’d say if they’re selling digital goods, EDD is the right choice, and can be molded to fit their needs through the variety of extensions and helpful support.

It was a pleasure working with David and all of the guys at Organic Themes to get their site up and running on Easy Digital Downloads.

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  1. Pippin Williamson
  2. Pippin Williamson

    This is incredible! EDD will be the simple replacement to all those crappy paid plugins. Kudos Pippin for this awesome idea.

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