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How to Accept Payments in WordPress (Best Ways)

Want to accept payments with on your WordPress site? Great idea. is a trusted online payments system. And a WordPress website is perfect for building an online side hustle or business.

In this article we’ll show you how to accept credit card payments with, step by step. We’ll also provide a checklist of everything you need for an eCommerce site and share some alternative eCommerce solutions.

Let’s get to the money! Skip around if you want to:

Step 1: Install Easy Digital Downloads

WordPress + Easy Digital Downloads Logos

The best way to accept payments with WordPress is Easy Digital Downloads (EDD). EDD is one of the most trusted eCommerce plugins for WordPress, trusted by more than 50,000 websites.

The Easy Digital Downloads website for creating a digital download store.

🎉 With EDD, you don’t have to be a developer or know how to write custom HTML, CSS, or PHP code!

First, purchase an Extended Pass. You’ll get access to our Payment Gateway extension as well as 40+ other extensions to add advanced features like email integration and subscriptions to help you grow your business.

🤷🏾 Don’t have a WordPress site yet? Get WordPress and EDD preinstalled for you with security and automatic updates. Some call it magic, most call it managed hosting. Get SiteGround Managed EDD Hosting.

If you’re selling something other than digital products, check out some alternatives below.

Next, install Easy Digital Downloads. Click here for help if you’re not sure how to install a plugin.

Once EDD is installed on your WordPress website you’ll have a new left-side menu item called Downloads on your WordPress dashboard.

Screenshot: New 'Downloads' menu item from EDD

After that, install the extension. Go to Plugins » Add New. Click Install then Activate.

Screenshot: Install Plugin

Step 2: Set Up An Account

If you don’t already have an account, go to their pricing page. has been around a long time. It’s owned by credit card giant Visa making it a trusted brand.

Screenshot: home page

Choose a pricing tier that’s right for you.

Screenshot: pricing page

You’ll have to fill out an application and provide business information. The exact appearance of the form and required fields will vary by your region and whether or not you have a merchant account (bank account for businesses) already set up or not.

Screenshot: application form

After you complete your account set up you’ll be provided with an API Login ID, Transaction Key, and Key. Hang on to these you’ll need to enter them into Easy Digital Downloads.

Screenshot: API Credentials

Your account will be in test mode. When you log in to your control panel there will be a checklist of steps to be taken to get your account ready for accepting payments (in live mode).

Screenshot: Control Panel

Tip: You can set up a test or ‘sandbox’ account to run test transactions. No real money ever moves around.

Step 3: Connect to Easy Digital Downloads

Next, let’s connect your EDD store and account. It’s super simple.

Go to Downloads » Settings » Payments » Don’t be alarmed by the red alert banner at the top of the page. It’s just a reminder that you need to enter your account information or what’s called “API credentials” (API Login ID, Transaction Key, and Key).

Screenshot: EDD settings

Simply enter your API Login ID, Transaction Key, and Key into the three fields in the center of the page.

Screenshot: EDD settings API credentials

Be sure to click Save Changes when done.

Configure Webhooks uses Webhooks to communicate with your store. This is a pretty standard system. You need to configure Webhooks inside your admin panel at

First log in to and go to your Account page and click on Webhooks.

Screenshot: EDD Account Settings

You’ll probably not have any endpoints set up yet. Click the Add Endpoint button. Enter your Endpoint URL.

Be sure to change “” to your own website domain name. Then hit Save.

Then, select all the events by clicking All Events.

Screenshot: EDD Webhooks

Great work so far!


After this, be sure to enable/activate as a payment processor on your website. Go to Downloads » Settings » Payments » General.

Screenshot: EDD Payment settings

Select under Active Gateways. You can set as the Default Gateway as well, if you want to.

Next, check the boxes for all the credit and debit card brands (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) you want to accept under Payment Method Icons. You can also rearrange which order they are displayed on the website frontend by dragging the three-line icons.

Click Save Changes when you’re done.

Screenshot: EDD Payment Method Icons

Ok! EDD and are all connected and ready to roll. But what are you selling? If you’ve never set up an item to sell, we’ll show you how real quick. ⬇️

Step 4: Set Up a Download (Product) To Sell

In the world of Easy Digital Downloads, the items/products you sell are called ‘Downloads’.

Click on Downloads and then the Add New to make a new one.

Screenshot: EDD Add New Download
  1. Give your Download a name and description
  2. Add a Price
  3. Then, add a Download Image. Make this image look nice. The Download Image is the product image or preview image that potential customers see while browsing your store.

🌅 Click here for a guide and free templates for making nice images.

Screenshot: EDD Configure download 1

Next, configure the Download Files settings.

  • Under File URL click the link icon to upload your file. This is the download file link a customer will get after purchase.
  • Once you add a file the File Name will automatically be created, or, give an instruction like ‘Download Your Spreadsheet Template’. This text will be a clickable link on the purchase confirmation page and purchase receipt (more about that below).
Screenshot: EDD Configure download 2

Step 5: View the Final Result

Once you’re done click the Publish button. Then click the View Download Button.

Screenshot: EDD View Download

Now you’ll see the Download page or product page as the potential customers will see it. We are using the Astra theme. Your site will look different depending on your theme.

Easy Digital Downloads pages look nice with any theme. We also offer free themes and partner themes optimized for EDD.

Screenshot: Download on Frontend

A converting customer will click the Purchase button, add to cart, and add their card details on the checkout page.

Next, they’ll be taken to a purchase confirmation page. This page summarizes the purchase and provides a download link.

Screenshot: Purchase confirmation page

Customers will also get a purchase receipt email. This email also has a download link.

Screenshot: EDD Purchase receipt with

📆 Do Subscriptions with Recurring Payments

With your Extended Pass, you can easily add subscriptions with our Recurring Payments extension. Everything is fully integrated with EDD and Choose from annual, monthly, or other less common interval options.

Sample Sites

Here are a few sites using EDD to get you inspired and excited about how you can share your digital creations. Check ’em out!

The Arty Teacher
Art/Graphic Templates

EDD Sample Site: The Arty Teacher

Bass Buzz
Music Lessons

Selling digital downloads sample: Bass Buzz

Mrs. Mactivity
Educational Resources

EDD Sample Site: Mrs. Mactivity

Net Uptime Monitor
Desktop Software

Net Uptime Monitor Homepage screenshot

Requirements and Alternatives

Here is a list of each item you need to accept payments with WordPress.

  1. A web host
  2. A free website (not
  3. A theme (check out our suggested free and paid themes for EDD)
  4. SSL Certificate (most web hosts now include SSL for free)
  5. An eCommerce plugin/solution (like Easy Digital Downloads)
  6. payment gateway (payment processing) for your eCommerce plugin/solution
  7. An account
SSL / SSL CertificateSecure Sockets Layer – An encryption system that protects data as its being sent between your computer and a website. It helps prevent someone from stealing personal information. Credit card companies require SSL. Check with your web host to set this up, it’s usually included, or a low-price paid option.

TIP: What is PCI Compliance?
You may have heard this term or be wondering what it is and how it applies to you. PCI stands for Payment Cards Industry. It’s a set up standards required for those working with credit and debit cards. If your site has SSL, and you use for payments, all PCI compliance is handled by You aren’t storing any sensitive payment information or card information on your site, it’s on’s servers. Learn more here.

Alternative eCommerce Solutions

What type/s of things are you selling on the internet?

Easy Digital Downloads is the best solution for digital products (aka downloads, downloadable products, or virtual products). EDD is perfect for eBooks, spreadsheets, documents, graphic templates, software, plugins, and just about anything you can imagine.

But if you’re selling other types of products, there are some other great WordPress eCommerce options.

  • Selling single products, services, or accepting donations?
    • WPForms is a good option. It’s the best WordPress form builder. You site already needs a good form builder for contact form and email opt-in forms. With their Pro or Elite plan you can also accept payments by making payment forms or donation forms. Elite is required for their addon.
  • Selling Online Courses or Memberships?
    • EDD is great for informal courses. Consider MemberPress if you need more formal learning with quizzes, or structured/ordered courses with prerequisites for a school or certificate program. This is often called an LMS (Learning Management System). It’s also great for news sites or any sort of membership site where content is locked behind a paywall.
  • Selling physical products (like pet supplies, coffee or t-shirts)?

Choosing a Web Host

Read this guide for help choosing a web host. It has discount codes too!

Depending on what you are selling, here are our hosting suggestions. All of them will work with and include SSL.

Alternative Payment Processors

You might find it easier or more convenient to use one of our other payment options. We recommend Stripe to most of our customers because of its advanced features and ease of use. PayPal is also a good option if Stripe is not available in your region.

😉 All of these payment options are included when you purchase an Extended Pass.


Nicely done. You’ve learned how to accept payments with WordPress. Best of luck with your online business. If you haven’t already, get started today!

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