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Trending Digital Products in High Demand (2024)

Are you trying to figure out what the most popular and trending digital products are right now?

Whether you’re a current or aspiring online seller, understanding what digital products are in high demand right now can be the key to unlocking new revenue streams and reaching a wider audience.

If you’re interested in learning how to make money online, researching the best digital products to offer your customers is a great place to start.

🔎 In this article, I’ll cover:

Why Sell Trending Digital Products

Before we delve into the types of digital products to focus on, let’s explore the numerous advantages of deciding to sell digital products online.

Keep in mind that while selling via third-party eCommerce platforms like Amazon or online marketplaces like Etsy are options, I’ll focus this post on selling from your own website.

  • Low overhead costs: Unlike physical products, digital products require minimal upfront investment. You don’t need to worry about manufacturing, packaging, or shipping – all you need is a solid concept and the ability to create the digital file.
  • Scalability: Digital products are infinitely scalable. Once you create the product, you can sell it to an unlimited number of customers without incurring additional costs per sale.
  • Passive income potential: Many digital products can generate passive income. Once created and uploaded, they can continue to sell even while you sleep, work on other projects, or take vacations.
  • Global reach: The internet removes geographical barriers. You can sell your digital products to customers worldwide, expanding your reach far beyond local markets.
  • Higher profit margins: With minimal overhead costs, you can enjoy higher profit margins on digital products compared to physical goods.
  • Flexibility and convenience: Selling digital products offers flexibility in terms of pricing, bundling, and promotions. It also provides convenience for customers who can access their purchases instantly.

Digital selling isn’t just for small businesses or large enterprises either. Everyone from bloggers and aspiring business owners to entrepreneurs and influencers can do it with relatively little effort!

If you’re looking for digital product ideas, it helps to discover the best-selling and most profitable digital products on the market. Let’s look at some of the most popular and trending digital products in high demand in 2024.

1. Online Courses & Educational Resources

The demand for online learning has skyrocketed in recent years due to its flexibility, affordability, and vast range of available topics. According to the Global Online Learning Market Report 2024, the global online learning market is expected to reach a staggering $661 billion by 2032, highlighting the immense potential in this space.

Online courses offer a structured and convenient way to learn new skills or gain knowledge on a specific topic. Educational resources can encompass a wider range of digital content, such as:

  • eBooks
  • Tutorials
  • Cheat sheets
  • Webinars & videos

E-learning materials also have a place in digital marketing, providing an opportunity for sellers to educate and engage their target audiences.

EDD client Jazzadvice selling online courses.

Even if you don’t want to offer full online courses or lessons, you can use Easy Digital Downloads to sell step-by-step guides or downloadable resources on a specific skill or topic, such as software usage, marketing strategies, etc.

EDD integrates with popular course creation platforms like LearnDash and LifterLMS. You can easily create sales pages, manage course access after purchase, and deliver course content directly through your WordPress site.

💡 Learn more about selling online courses with EDD.

2. Digital Printables & Templates

Digital printables are downloadable files that users can print at home or through a printing service. Templates are pre-formatted digital files that can be customized using editing software.

Digital printables and downloadable files offer a budget-friendly and customizable way to personalize projects and enhance organization. They cater to a wide range of needs, from planning and productivity to creative expression, entertainment, and event management.

EscapeRoomGeeks website selling printable files.

For instance, you could use EDD to sell:

Planners & checklistsBusiness card templates
Kits & bundlesSocial media templates
Printable invitationsExcel or Google spreadsheets

This is just to name a few.

You can upload various file formats, set flexible pricing options, and deliver files automatically after purchase. The platform also allows you to add product descriptions, images, and variations to showcase your printables and templates effectively.

3. Software & Plugins

As the world continues to take on a digital-first approach to professional and social tasks, there is an increasing demand for certain software, apps, and plugins.

Worldwide, the software market alone is expected to reach over $698 billion in 2024, highlighting the ever-increasing demand for specialized software solutions.

Software and plugins can be digital downloads that add functionality or automate tasks for potential customers. This category can be quite broad, so let’s focus on niche-specific software and plugins that address pain points and automate workflows for users within a particular industry or field.

The SearchWP WordPress plugin website
Groundhogg, example of software and plugins being among trending digital products

For instance, some of the most popular and in-demand software and plugins right now include:

  • Productivity plugins for project management, CRM, time tracking, or communication within teams
  • WordPress plugins that provide eCommerce functionalities to online stores, social media management, content marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), etc.
  • Photography plugins for image editing, watermarking, or portfolio creation
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) & chatbots
  • Interactive tech to showcase product features
  • Data analytics & reporting

💡 Easy Digital Downloads lets you sell open-source and desktop software and has an add-on dedicated to Software Licensing. You can use EDD to manage licenses, control access, and deliver plugin download links.

4. Memberships & Subscriptions

Subscription-based and membership sites offer exclusive content, resources, or community access to paying members. Subscription sites provide content creators with an opportunity to sell digital goods to customers on a recurring basis.

This could include memberships for exclusive online courses, downloadable resources, digital assets, community forums, or live Q&A sessions.

CreativeReady website selling subscriptions.

Memberships and subscriptions provide recurring revenue streams and foster stronger customer loyalty. Customers appreciate the convenience of receiving curated content or products regularly, while sellers benefit from predictable income and a dedicated customer base.

EDD’s powerful Recurring Payments features make it an excellent platform for selling memberships and subscriptions. You can create different membership tiers, offer free trials, and manage recurring payments seamlessly. It also integrates with popular membership plugins like MemberPress and Restrict Content Pro.

5. Digital Art & Design Assets

As we’ve seen with the rising popularity of design platforms like Canva, there’s an increasing demand for design assets and templates that can be used for both on and offline purposes.

Digital art encompasses a wide range of creative assets that can be used for various purposes like web design, graphic design, marketing materials, and creative projects.

The GraphicsFamily website selling digital products for graphic design.

Some examples of trending digital products in the art and design space include:

IllustrationsVectors, graphics & clip art Fonts for unique typography & branding elements
Design templates & layouts (WordPress themes, flyers & brochures, PowerPoint presentations, etc.)Stock photos & stock photography assetsTextures for adding visual interest to design projects

Designers and creatives can offer a vast library of high-quality resources that can save time and enhance digital projects. The ability to purchase individual assets or subscribe to libraries provides flexibility and affordability.

EDD allows you to sell individual digital art assets or create bundled packages. You can control download limits and set flexible licensing options depending on your content usage terms. EDD’s beginner and user-friendly interface makes it easy to showcase your artwork and manage sales effectively.

6. Audio Content

Audio files themselves aren’t necessarily a single trending digital product, but the demand for various types of audio content delivered as digital files is definitely on the rise.

Deloitte forecasts a surge in listeners across various audio entertainment formats in 2024. Their estimates include:

  • Over 1.7 billion monthly podcast listeners
  • 750 million monthly music-streaming subscribers
  • 270 million monthly audiobook listeners globally

Subscription services for music, audiobooks, and podcasts are hugely popular. People are consuming more audio content than ever, and it’s all delivered digitally.

Deloitte graph showing audio content as one of the trending digital products in high demand.

Audio content is also versatile, convenient, and caters to different needs. Music provides entertainment, audiobooks offer education, podcasts inform and entertain, and even calming soundscapes can be digital products.

Digital creators can also create and sell audio content to be used as:

  • Background music for explainer videos, product demonstrations, or educational content
  • Sound effects for podcasts, video games, or mobile apps
  • Royalty-free music for YouTube videos, social media content, or marketing campaigns
The Foximusic website that sells audio files.

EDD can be a great platform for selling individual audio tracks or bundled music libraries. You can set pricing based on file type, usage rights, and track length.

7. eBooks & Self-Published Content

Another category of trending digital products in high demand right now are eBooks and self-published content. The global eBook market is expected to reach over $5 billion by 2027, highlighting the continued popularity of digital reading.

Ebooks are electronic versions of books that can be downloaded and read on various devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones. Self-published content encompasses a broader range of digital publications, including workbooks, guides, manuals, and research papers.

Selling eBooks and other digital content as downloads

Whereas eBooks offer a convenient and portable way to access books compared to traditional printed formats, self-published content allows publishers and content creators to bypass traditional publishing gatekeepers and reach readers directly.

💡 Learn more about selling eBooks with Easy Digital Downloads.

8. Presets for Photo & Video Editing

The global photo editing software market is currently valued at about $345 million, indicating the increasing demand for photo editing tools and resources.

Presets are pre-configured settings for photo and video editing software that can be applied with a single click to achieve specific visual effects. LUTs (Look Up Tables) are a type of preset that manipulates color grading within an image or video.

Examples include:

  • Presets for achieving popular photographic styles like vintage, cinematic, or black & white
  • LUTs for color grading videos to match specific themes or moods
  • Preset & LUT collections catering to specific photography or videography niches like weddings, travel, or product photography

Presets and LUTs save photo and video editors significant time and effort by offering quick and consistent visual effects. They allow even beginners to achieve professional-looking results without extensive editing expertise.

Why Use EDD to Sell Digital Products

Now that you’ve explored a wide range of trending digital products, let’s delve into why Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) stands out as the perfect platform for selling them on your WordPress website.

The Easy Digital Downlaods WordPress plugin website.

EDD is:

  • Easy to use & beginner-friendly: EDD boasts a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to add, manage, and sell trending digital products, even with no prior coding experience.
  • Seamless WordPress integration: EDD integrates seamlessly with your WordPress website. This allows you to leverage the existing functionalities of your site and manage your digital store from a familiar platform.
  • Powerful features for digital product sales: EDD offers a robust set of features specifically designed for selling digital product, including:
  • Scalability & growth potential: EDD can accommodate your growth, whether you’re starting with a single digital product or plan to expand your digital product library in the future.
  • Large & supportive community: EDD benefits from a vast and active community of users and developers. You can access extensive documentation, tutorials, and support forums to troubleshoot any issues or find solutions for your specific needs.

Easy Digital Downloads has a plan to fit every budget. You can get the basic features and functionality needed to create your online store for free.

If you’re ready to scale your eCommerce business and want access to premium extensions and tools, you can choose from multiple EDD Pro premium plans. Learn more about EDD Free vs Pro, or grab your pass today:

Let’s wrap up with some frequently asked questions.

Is selling digital products profitable?

Yes, selling digital products can be profitable. The overhead is low (no physical product to ship) and they can be sold repeatedly.

What are the best digital products to sell?

The best digital products to sell depend on a handful of factors, including your expertise, goals, and target audience. People are always looking to learn new things, and online courses offer a convenient and flexible way to do so. You can create courses on any topic you’re an expert in.

eBooks are another popular option, especially for non-fiction topics like self-help, business, and hobbies. They’re relatively inexpensive to create and can be easily distributed online.

Templates can save people time and effort by providing a starting point for documents, presentations, websites, and more. There’s a demand for templates in various niches, like marketing, design, and productivity.

What are the most profitable trending digital products to sell?

Profitability depends on factors like the product’s value proposition, pricing strategy, and marketing efforts. Generally, higher-priced products with a recurring revenue model (like subscriptions or memberships) can be more profitable.

Here are some additional factors to consider:

  • Your skills & interests: Choose a product you’re knowledgeable about and passionate about.
  • Competition: Research the competition in your chosen niche to see what’s already out there.
  • Target audience: Identify your ideal customer and tailor your product to their needs.

Remember, the key is to find a product that you can create and sell with passion while catering to a market with sufficient demand.

The digital product landscape is brimming with exciting opportunities for online sellers. By leveraging the power of Easy Digital Downloads and focusing on trending digital products in high demand, you can establish a thriving online business and reach a global audience.

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What’s next? Learn about the best pricing models and strategies for digital products.

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